2017 Gibby Scholarships & Fundraisers

Hi everyone, It's been a while since I have updated and a few things have happened since then.

We ran our 3rd Gibby's Gallop in October and once again the weather did not cooperate. Despite that some brave souls and came out to support Gibby. We have now decided that we will be fundraising in a different way so we will not be hosting Gibby's Day or Gibby's Gallop going forward.

Our scholarship recipients are all on the Gibby website. We have raised over $32,000 since the start of the Gibby Scholarship and we will continue to fund raise. I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years at both of our functions and hope that you continue to support us.

We will be updating the website soon. If anyone has any ideas on fund raising or would like to donate please let me know!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support.

Gibby's Mum