2009 Gibby's Run Update

Hi everyone,

Well the leaves are starting to turn and fall is upon us. At least the rain seems to have subsided a little unlike Gibby's Run this year which was like a monsoon! Despite the rain though we all had a wonderful time, and managed to raise over $3000 for the Scholarship Fund. We did have quite a few bikers come to registration and one biker even completed the run.

We have decided that if it rains next year we will still go ahead. We ask that if you are pre-registered for the ride or come to the registration to still come up to the bbq at Veterans Field. We will have a separate raffle for the riders that were entered for the Poker Run. It really worked out well this year.

So our new motto is RAIN OR SHINE WE WILL GO AHEAD!

To those of you who shivered at the Poker Run stops in vain.... Thank you! To everyone at Veterans Field who helped put all the tents up so that we could all stay dry... thank you!

Special thanks to John Calhagne, owner of the Rattlesnake who not only provided the wonderful beer truck but also cooked all the food and served it, and I would be remiss to forget KJ Feury who also stayed in the kitchen for most of the afternoon serving food also. Thank you!

After the bbq ended and we cleared down all the tents etc. from Veterans Field a lot of us went back to the Rattlesnake to relax and carry on the festivities. So if you think the party ended early... no it didn't! We carried on for quite a while. So much so that next year both bands, Chucklepatch and Trippin Carla will also come back to the Rattlesnake to carry on performing for us all.

So plan your day accordingly! Bikers can register from 9:30 am at the Rattlesnake where the run starts. It will be a Poker Run once again (and hopefully we will have sunny skies this time!). Post ride festivities will be at the end of the run at Veterans Field in Denville. The festivities will kick off at noon.

We will also be having a bike show for the first time! More information to follow on this as soon as we finalize details.

So for now, keep checking back on our website. We should have the photos up very soon from this years run along with a bio of our most recent scholarship recipient James Medley.

As you may have noticed we have already put the countdown clock on for next year's run which is.......

JUNE 12TH, 2010