Apply for the "The Gibby" - David Gibson Memorial Scholarship

About the Scholarship

“The Gibby”, David Gibson Memorial Scholarship, will be awarded to one female and one male rugby player from the Morris Rugby Boys and Girls HS programs.  Player must be in good standing with their club, scheduled to graduate high school this year and planning to attend an institution of higher learning (college, trade school, or apprenticeship).

Criteria for Selection

Player essay should be between 800-1,000 words long, which includes insight into a player’s leadership, commitment, dedication and club involvement. 

Essay Guidelines

Your essay should focus on your personal growth, goals and connection to Morris Rugby, as well as how you feel you exemplify the ideals of the “The Gibby” Scholarship – “David was passionate about his sports, fully committed to his teammates, coaches and the practice time necessary to improve his skills, never taking anything lightly. Mediocrity was never a word or philosophy that entered the fabric of his being; it was always the pursuit of excellence. During the competition, he was unwavering in support of his teammates, always with the philosophy “I’ve got your back!” He was the consummate competitor and teammate.”

The application period is open through July.

Essay Suggestions

  • How you became a rugby player and what playing means to you?
  • How playing for Morris Rugby has impacted you as a student, citizen, and/or teammate?
  • Outside of being a member of your team, what have you done to support Morris Rugby’s mission?
  • How has participation in volunteer community activities broadened your perspective on community and Morris Rugby?
  • Upon HS graduation and completion of your studies, what are your goals as a student and a rugby player?
  • How do you plan on staying connected to Morris Rugby?


We will also require two (2) recommendations. Coach; teacher, clergy member, work supervisor, counselor, or other are also acceptable. PLEASE HAVE THOSE WHO WRITE THE RECOMMENDATION SUBMIT THE RECOMMENDATION

"The Gibby" David Gibson Memorial Scholarship Committee

Donna Waliky - Chairman
Dennis Gibson
Jennifer Honig
Ken Honig
Lillian Rimac
John Sutherland

Please email with any questions you may have.

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